Delivery Times

Delivery times can vary for each product based on the delivery location, weight and size of the product. The delivery time includes both the processing time from when you initially place your order to delivery, when you actually recieve your order. As a general rule, the cut off time for daily processing is 12pm of every working day. All orders made past this time are usually processed the following working day.

Shipping times will vary based on the delivery location, weight and size of the product. Orders are dispatched the following working day and should arrive in 5 to 10 working days anywhere in Australia. If you are making a time-sensitive purchase you would be best advised to contact us about specific shipping arrangements.

How is my total delivery time determined? The total delivery time for your order is calculated from the time your order is placed until the time you receive it. The diagram below shows how the Total Delivery Time is broken down into pre-ship processing time and shipping time.

Pre-Ship Processing Time is the time it takes from when you submit your order to when the product leaves the warehouse. This time is needed for products that are shipped to you directly from our manufacturers. The manufacturers need this time to fulfill your order.